6 In 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Vacuum Beauty Machine Multifunction Beauty Device
Rechargeable battery inside powered. RF electroporation therapy. EMS+light therapy+ micro-massage therapy skin lifting, tightening, remove wrinkle, whitening anti ageing face slimming TO
4 In 1 Bio-wave Led Light Therapy Skin Lightening For Personal Use Beauty Device
The Photon Beauty series delivers a totally natural method of light-only skin rejuvenation which uses the body’s own natural processes to help counteract the effects of aging and to enhance and prolong the effects of skin care products. Choose Blue, Green, or Red and lightwaves! Unlike some pulsed laser treatments that work as a result of the body’s response to controlled damage, Photon Beauty stimulates natural processes to rejuvenate skin.
Skin Care Tools Photon 3 Color 3mhz Ultrasound Skin Tightening Home Use Beauty Device
Adopts the 3 most effective internationally recognized skin care technology. Ion,photon therapy &Ultrasonic, which enables this generous device to effectively solve following skin problems: spots, black heads. puffiness ,eye bags, acne,pimple,ageist of skin etc. This help you keep your skn at the youngest state.
24k Gold Beauty Bar For Facial Massage
The 24k Beauty Bar can be used for face,hands and feet skin care. It can be used to take good care of any part of your skin.